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Challenger Schools Looking to Hire Small Business Leaders

SILICON VALLEY, CA - An exciting, financially and emotionally satisfying opportunity for the right person.  

We are seeking several people with small business and/or business management experience to work for Challenger Schools as Business Operations Managers.

No prior school or teaching experience is necessary.  We prefer business ownership/management background, understanding the importance of the bottom line, with an emphasis on providing outstanding customer service. 

We are a well-established professional employer in the Bay Area with several individual campuses and seek people who can manage a campus. You must be able to lead Challenger’s education mission, methods and values at the school level.  We will train selected managers to become Headmasters.

What makes us unique is our dedication to prepare children to become self-reliant, productive individuals who can think for themselves, value their individuality and unalienable rights, and inspire them to embrace challenge and find jobs and self-worth through achievement.

Starting salaries range from $130K a year to over 150K a year with excellent benefits and a fairly normal Monday-Friday work week.

Our uniquely qualified managers will be expected to share our values and deliver our services impeccably, while caring for our long term and highly valued customers.

To be considered, please send your cover letter, resume, and a brief original essay  (250-500 words) about your views of child-raising and educating to: