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Huawei Technologies Commits to Supporting Education and Economic Development

SANTA CLARA, CA - The Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce, recently rebranded from the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce, has widened its mission to be a regional organization focusing on local issues. One aspect of this direction, which serves to provide more value and resources for businesses, includes providing educational opportunities for businesses, young professionals, and the public on issues that directly impact the business community and community at large.

This change has stimulated support from the business community with many businesses excited about where the Chamber is heading. “It is wonderful to see the business community stepping up and supporting our vision”, said Nick Kaspar, President/CEO of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce.

Huawei Technologies, who has operated for many years in Santa Clara, expressed their commitment to supporting the local businesses and providing educational opportunities by becoming the Chamber’s first ever Platinum Sponsor for Economic Development and Education. Scott Jamar, Vice President of Industry Relations for Huawei Technologies stated, “We are excited to be joining the new Chamber as their first Platinum Sponsor for Economic Development and Education. It’s always been a core part of who we are as a company to fully support our local communities, and together, discover opportunities that help advance economic development and education. It’s especially important to provide educational opportunities for our local youth. We are surrounded by fascinating technology companies, and it’s our hope that many students that are thinking about their future careers, will join the ranks of world-class technologists and business leaders here in the valley. Even a small amount of guidance and advice in a student’s early years can go a long way in helping shape their career goals.”

Scott has a long history of supporting startups and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Prior to joining Huawei, he founded a consulting business helping startups refine their business plans and obtain funding from investors.

“Scott is going to be an incredible resource for us to further support of the business community and with the support of Huawei as a Platinum Sponsor of Economic Development and Education, we are very excited about the future of the Chamber”, said Kaspar.