SANTA CLARA, CA - Santa Clara?s 72 year-old Chamber of Commerce changed its name and widened its mission at a celebration June 14th at Napredak Hall. The event was called ?New Year?s in June? because it was the close of the fiscal year and an opportunity to reveal the new name of the Chamber: The Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce. Along with this new brand, the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce also announced an initiative designed to bring more value to its members by becoming a regional organization focusing on local issues while providing regional support. The structure of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce allows for collaboration with Chambers that express an interest in engaging with our organization. The structure would create a parent board which represents the region with local business councils supporting the local businesses. This structure, which has been very successful in different regions of the country, would create a system for local business councils to represent the businesses in their City, while having the support of the regional, or parent Board. It is important to note that the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce is not intending to interfere with local Chambers but rather to collaborate with Chambers that are interested in engaging with us. The SVCCC will not be entering communities that have not expressed an interest and from which we have not been invited. ?We believe the SVCCC is poised to be a positive resource for the Silicon Valley business community,? said Chris Boyd, a Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara executive and a director of the Chamber