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Santa Clara Receives State Funding to Address Auto Burglaries

SANTA CLARA, CA - Five Bay Area cities, including Santa Clara, received a share of the State surplus to address the increase of car burglaries in our community. According to Santa Clara Police Chief Sellers, Santa Clara has averaged over 7 reports of auto burglaries a day in 2019. Santa Clara Police Department has addressed this issue reducing the year to date percentage of auto burglaries from the start of the year, but the added support is necessary and welcome.

“It’s something that we need to fix sooner rather than later,” said Santa Clara Councilman Raj Chahal. “To me, it’s not only a law and order problem. To some extent it is on our leaders to emphasize how badly this reflects on the community.”

The Santa Clara Police Department will receive approximately $750,000 in funding to address this growing issues. "I want to make it safe not just for the residents here, but also for those people that work here, or are visiting here," said Assemblyman Kansen Chu (D-San Jose) who worked to secure the funding from the state.

The Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce, represented by Immediate Past Chair Jan Eric Nordmo and Board Member Harbir Bhatia, showed support of the additional funding received by the state. The SV Central Chamber appreciates the hard work of the Santa Clara Police Department in addressing this issue and thanks Assemblyman Kansen Chu for securing funding to further aid the police department.