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Idyll Time Wines

Idyll Time Wines


About Us

“I am just the Dumb Farmer” and “You can make a bad wine out of a Good Grape, but you cannot make a good wine out of a Bad Grape”…. These were some of the sayings that Anthony J. Escover used to say when asked about his wine grapes…

It all began back in 1999 when Steve Pessagno, a winemaker and cousin, talked Anthony Escover (Idyll Time Vineyard) and David Escover (Spring Grove Vineyard) into planting wine grapes in San Benito County. The plan was that they would grow the grapes, his hand selected clones of Pinot, Syrah and Zinfandel… and they would funnel them into Steve’s winery to make Wine. Steve Pessagno had made some award winning wines with this fruit until his passing and the winery being sold.. The grapes were then sold to various renowned wineries like Calera and Leal, and others… When Anthony passed away in 2017, his grandson, Nathan Chang, who had been helping him all growing up, took over the operations. And in 2019, when there was not the buyers to take on the grapes… Nathan’s mom and Anthony Escover’s daughter, Joan Escover, decided she would not let their legacies die and juiced up the wine in hopes of finding either a buyer or bringing her dream blend of “Syrapinot” to fruition. More about the history of Idyll Time Wines…..

Owning a printing company, JP Graphics, Inc. Joan decided to combine the wine, the print and marketing to offer an “added value” for Restaurants, Events, Corporate Gifts, and well just Fun Loving Wine drinkers, who love a well named Blend: Syrapinot…..


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